Cuts Meat Market Flyer Oct 4 2018

Cuts Meat Market Flyer Oct 04 2018

Another hot deal week at Cuts Meat Market! Fresh Chicken Legs are on this week for just $.98/lb While Supplies Last!   This is our Super Special beginning when the store opens Oct 04, 2018, break out the BBQ or just stock up on Meal Prep for the Freezer……..

T-Bone Steak is an excellent price of $5.88/lb,  Pork back ribs for 2.98/lb!  We recently got a great deal on Double Chocolate rice Krispie bars at just $.98! so it’s a great time to buy a couple extra for your kid’s lunches!

This week for a quick and easy meal choice we have Chicken Thighs at the affordable price of 1.48/lb. and if snacks are what you are looking for Cuts Meat Market in Wolfville also has Brother’s pepperoni on special for just 4.88/lb!

This week’s Produce Specials include beautiful 10lb onions for only 3.18 each, Turnip at .28/lb and some 5lb carrots for 1.18/lb!

If you are the Baker of the Family, Large Pumpkins for 3.48 each should make a pumpkin pie possible and with the wonderful recipes available online, it should be easy to change up the family meal, come on in before we sell out!! You can feed your family real food and you can always stay on a budget with good quality food at Cuts Meat Market……

why not try some Tancook sauerkraut for 2.68/900g served with Swift wieners for only .98 cents, nothing better than sauerkraut on a hotdog!!!

Make sure you grab the 4 liters of milk just $5.58 each and some Philadelphia cream cheese while you’re at it for only 2.98!……..    its hard to beat the deals at Cuts Meat Market in Wolfville!