Cuts Meat Market Flyer September 20 2018

Hello everybody!

Wow! Medium Ground Beef on for just $2.78/lb!  Doesn’t get much better than that, and what a great time to stock up on some T-bone Steaks for 6.98/lb or maybe even some Striploin Grilling Steaks for 7.68/lb, Pork Back Ribs in this week for 2.98/lb!!

We also have great deals on the following Frozen UT Turkeys 7KG up for 1.38/lb and Frozen ‘A’ Turkeys 3.5KG for 1.58/lb. We also have some Chicken Thighs on for 1.48/lb and some Ground Chicken at a price of 3.98/lb!

If you’re looking for a quick little lunch for the kids we have Michelina Fettucine, lasagna and mac and cheese for only 1.38 per box! or you could have some Pizza Bagel Bites for 6.98!

Some of our Produce Specials include the following, Local Celery .68/ea, Hot House Tomatoes .88/lb, Local Field Cucumbers .48/ea, Green Peppers .98/lb and much more available inside,

Sooo Easy to stay on budget at Cuts Meat Market!