Cuts Flyer Aug 23 2018

Cuts Meat Market Flyer Aug 23 2018

Another hot deal week at Cuts Meat Market! Cross Rib Steaks and Roast  are just $3.98/lb and FP Chicken Legs at an amazing price of .98/lb – We finally have Ground Lamb in so it’s a great time to put a few extra in the freezer as its difficult to get for our customers!  This week we have 2kg bags of sugar at an amazing price of 2.38. We also have Brother’s pepperoni in stock at  4.88/lb!

This week we have Local Cantaloupe for .98/ea,  also featuring 5-pound bags of Mini potatoes for 2.48! Bananas are still at a low price of .68 per pound, come on in before we sell out!! You can feed your family real food and you can always stay on a budget with good quality food at Cuts Meat Market……

Frozen Whole Salmon is in this week for $2.48 per pound, a chance to get 40% of your recommended daily protein with just a 3-ounce portion. Pork back ribs on sale for 2.98/lb. and why not try some Tancook sauerkraut for 2.68/900g!

Make sure you grab the 4 litres of milk just $5.58 each……..    its hard to beat the deals at Cuts Meat Market in Wolfville!