Flyer Feb 15 2018

Cuts Meat Market Flyer February 15 2018

Best Price Around on Chicken Legs at just $.98/lb!  If you are looking for some reasonably priced meals for the Weekend, Cuts always carries Fresh Pork Back Ribs and they are on this week for $1.98/lb….  If you want an alternative we have Boneless Blade Roast 3.98 / lb and the Blade steaks 4.48 / lb , why not try a Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast for $1.68/lb while were at it!

For weekend snacks our Old Dutch Potato Chips are on for $2.68 and there is always a selection of great deals on beverages as well, Diet Coke, Gatorade, 4L water jugs and much more!

Produce has 10lb bags of Yellow potatoes for only 1.48, and red grapes for $1.48/lb, Honey Crisp apples are 1.28 per pound and our Produce Purchaser has managed to get 5/lb bags of Carrots for $1.58 and 5/lb bags of Onions for $1.58.  Again more deals in store!

Our Cuts Location in Wolfville, has an amazing lunch line with amazing food, so grab lunch and go upstairs where it’s nice and quiet to enjoy your fresh, hot meal!

Cuts Meat Market