Cuts Flyer Jan 18 2018

Cuts Meat Market Flyer Jan 18 2018

Cuts Meat Market has a great ad this week!  Inside Round Roasts at the unbelievable price of $3.48/lb and Fp steaks at 3.98 / lb    Customers love this so it goes fast so shop early if you want to stock up………

Don’t Forget Local White Potatoes 10/lb bags are flying out the door at $2.48 per bag, all of our cabbage is also at an excellent price of .38 / lb.  Do not forgot our carrots at a price of 1.38 for a 5lb bag!!

Fresh haddock this week for $2.88/lb, our customers tell us it’s the freshest around……..great for watching the healthy diets!

So looking forward to a great week, See you at Cuts!!!