Cuts Flyer Jan 4 2018

Chops Flyer Jan 4 2018

Before we all hunker down and the ‘Winter Bomb’ hits, better stock up on some items for the grill!     Boneless Pork Loin Roast at 1.98/lb easily cut to order for some perfect loin chops!  No bone so incredibly easy to slice!      Dont forget we have great items like Chicken Legs for 1.88/lb and Lean Ground Beef just $3.48/lb packed in 10/lb bags…….   If you are looking for some comfort food, Chops has Inside Round Roasts on for $3.48/lb – fantastic for a cold winters night!

Items like Honeycrisp Apples for $.98/lb will keep really well in a power outage, and baked apples on the grill are so good!   Chops always have great prices on produce and staples like potatoes, in fact they are usually the best prices around, this week they have 10/lb bags for just $1.98