Cuts Flyer Dec 28 2017

Cuts Meat Market Flyer Dec 28 2017

Wow!   This week at Cuts there are lots of deals to keep your hard earned cash right where it belongs, in your pocket!    Lean Ground Beef $2.98/lb is a great choice, burgers, taco’s  (dont forget the avocados are in the ad this week for $.58 each)  or everyones’ favorite, meatloaf……..    T-bone Grilling Steak is featured as well this week at the low, low price of $7.98/lb and pick up a 10/lb bag of white potatoes for just $.20 per pound and small english cukes at .18 each.

If pork is your preference, don’t miss the lean ground pork or the combo pork chops at $1.98/lb ………

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Hope to see you at Chops!