Flyer aug 24 2017

Hello everyone!

Cuts is hoping that everyone had a great weekend, as we all know school is approaching very quickly so make sure you spend some good quality time with friends and family! To help you guys maximize the fun, Cuts is having amazing deals, such as the Prime rib steaks FP for $6.60/lb (which is DELICIOUS I must say), Boneless cross rib steak FP for 4.38/lb just to name a few!

As always Cuts Meat Market has immense support for our local farmers which is why we have sweet potatoes on for .28/lb, corn for only 1.96/dz and our 5 pound bag of carrots for only 1.48!!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff so they can help you. Please be sure to Bookmark our website so you can be the first to get our flyer and see what amazing specials we have in for the week!