cuts flyer aug 10 2017

Cuts Meat Market flyer august 10th 2017

Hello fellow Nova Scotians, Cuts is hoping everyone had an amazing Natal day weekend.  As usual we have some of the greatest deals in town so please note for your weekly meal planning.   To start off, we have Family Pack Boneless Striploin at an affordable price of  7.48 / lb and ground pork for only 2.98/lb!   One of our meat cutters loves promoting the Sirloin Beefeater so we have featured this cut and Top Sirloin Stirfry for $6.88/lb.  Note* – if you are planning a stir fry don’t forget the broccoli crowns at .98/lb……

For those of you who love lamb to change up your meals, Cuts has Shortcut Lamb Legs at the low, low price of $6.98 per pound, fresh Boneless Lamb Legs at $7.98/lb or Lamb Loin Chops for $9.98/lb, Lamb is becoming a favorite for our customers so we will be trying to feature on a regular basis.  Any special occasions like an anniversary or birthdays are a great time to serve Frenched Lamb Racks and it’s hard to beat our price of $15.98 a pound.

As always Cuts Meat Market has immense support for our local farmers which is why we have 5 pound bags of local carrots for only 1.48, local new turnips and new cabbage are both priced at .38/lb!

While you’re shopping or picking up great deals for the weekend, ask one of our friendly staff how to enter to win the Saputo bike on display in the store.